CB Insights Research Portal

CBI-homepage screenshot

Research Portal overhaul, to monetize content and increase premium client subscriptions for a major financial data company, involving a high level of API integration with both internal and external sales and management systems.

This was a multi-month project to create a custom admin interface and theme to drive the website. It worked really well as a shared undertaking with an associate freelancer, both for the client and for us as developers.

Bridgehouse Asset Managers

Bridgehouse Asset Managers screenshot

Theme to handle portfolio statistics, fund management and daily pricing. This involved complex inter-linking of data types.


AlphaPlus screenshot

I took over what was a stalled project with a partly completed theme for a non-profit organization and successfully helped the client to launch the website, which I continue to support. As part of the process I provided client training to enable a high level of self-sufficiency going forward.