What people say

It’s rare to meet a WordPress developer as talented, ambitious, and dedicated as Paul.

Research Portal, a vital product, tightly integrated into the CB Insights platform, would not be possible without Paul.

Under tight timelines, Paul went the extra mile to recruit another WordPress developer to help complete the project on time.

When we have another WordPress build, I’d work with Paul again.

Luxi (Lucy) Huang, Senior Product Manager, CBInsights

You asked me last week what factors drove my decision to hire you, and I have to say the biggest factor was your enthusiasm. You called me back right away and launched into the problem-solving part of it – this signaled to me that this would be a good fit.

You are great to work with for the following reasons:

  • Deep subject matter expert on WordPress, especially in high transaction/load environments
  • Detailed and organized, dedicated to meeting deadlines/milestones
  • You own every project you work on and care deeply about the outcome
  • Keep your skills very current, run local WP Meetup group
  • Flexible in dealing with demanding project requirements – able to pivot if requirements change
  • Three dimensional problem solver – you really love what you do
  • All around great human being to work with which counts for a lot

Glen Patchet, Co-Founder, Quarterback Digital

Paul is a talented programmer with a passion for WordPress. He was pivotal in maintaining and growing the properties at Metro News where he combined his technical abilities with deep knowledge of the WordPress VIP stack. His work helped bring solutions to market that aligned with business needs and as such it was truly a pleasure work with him.

Owen Lambert, Managing Director, Digital Consumer Products @ Postmedia

Thanks for joining us on one of our intricate projects. Throughout production you demonstrated subject matter expertise, professionalism, and you contributed to the success of the project. Thanks for working with us to make it happen!


Paul is very skilled in WordPress and help me with a very advanced issue deep inside a big plugin. He have helped me multiple other times, and he always deliver results.

Lars Steen

You guys are terrific. Really. And you’re a great team. Thank you for your note. It feels great to have proactive people involved.

Conrad Hall, Organizer, WordCamp Toronto 2017

(Gina), so glad to include your experience and wisdom in our community.

Andrea Middleton, WordPress Community Team