WP JSON API – how to extend it

Slides as presented at WordCamp Toronto, 2016

In this talk, I demonstrate how to use the WP JSON API to add your own end-point for a custom post type or add/change data being returned.

I walk you through example code that extends the API and show you how simple it can be and how few lines it takes once you get your head around it.

Learning Outcomes

  • expose a custom post type in the API
  • view the output of the API
  • send date to the API
  • save data sent to the API
  • return custom data to an API call

Systematic Holistic Speed

Slides as presented at WordCamp Toronto, 2015

We all have created the odd WordPress site that has turned out to be fast but how do we do this each and every time?

In this talk I explore some of the techniques and choices that will make your site feel fast and also talk about how to automate / streamline your development process so that you can do this each and every time, no matter how rushed you are.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand what slows code down.
  • Realise how an SQL calls slow the site.
  • Understand that perceived speed can be more important than real speed.
  • Learn how to automate deployment.
  • Discover that it’s the small items that count.
  • Know what caching is, know how cache works in WordPress.
  • Understand the problems that caching causes and how to work around them.